Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Welcome to Coffee Time

In this world of technology, face to face contact is seemingly lost. Even the house phone is becoming a thing of the past. Cell phones are no longer phones but "smart devices" where one can text, facebook, twitter or tweet and now even avoid drunk texts with a smart feature that disables you-know-who's phone numbers after a certain time in the day. We don't need highschool reunions anymore, just look up your highschool on facebook and you can instantly catch up with all your frenemies. Avoid stop n chats by updating your relationship status and weight gain tracker frequently. By the way, have you seen Jane's new profile picture? What was she thinking?

So here's to technology. A virtual coffee time. A place for me to update you on my life, let you in on all the latest gossip, and share my pictures (since developing is so last century). Welcome to Cafe Pixel.

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