Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A New Family Member

We decided to go look at puppies at the Shelter yesterday and fell in love with a 7 month old, female, American Staffordshire Terrier. Yes ... a breed of Pit Bull. But she is the most amazing puppy I have ever met. She doesn't nip or growl, I don't think I've heard her even bark. She's very relaxed and let me touch her face and was even able to take toys out of her mouth. Today I visited her for 45 minutes at the Shelter's dog yard and she became Ashton's little protector. If he wandered too far she was over there checking on him and when he was at the gate trying to escape she went to try to bring him back. She already does great on a leash and plays fetch which I never was able to get my other dog, a femal border collie, to do. Unfortunately we can't bring her home until Saturday. She was seized from her previous owner who I can only assume was breeding Pit Bulls for fighting purposes. Therefore the city laws require her to go straight to the vet to be spayed then we can pick her up first thing Saturday morning. With any luck she'll have a great recovery and we can pick her up Friday night . This little lady is not a fighter and I'm happy to rescue her from the horrible life she was almost forced into. I understand the fear people have of pit bulls but they are not born mean, it's 100% in their raising and only horrible people raise their dogs to fight. I know I will be criticized for choosing a Pit Bull with a toddler in the house but until you meet her, you just won't understand. I don't think she would hurt a fly. Now if only we could think of the perfect name for her...

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