Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Baby Turns 2!!!

Ashton's Birthday Breakfast Waffle
Isn't it perfectly deliciously mouthwatering?

I can't believe he is two already! Two years ago on August 12th I was in miserable pain and excitedly awaiting his arrival. Here we are now, I can remember that I was in pain but I don't remember the pain itself. I was in disbelief when I first saw my baby boy, I couldn't believe that I had the capability of carrying something so precious. Now it's been a hard two years. I've said before, nothing easy so worth being so proud of and I have to remind myself of that frequently. Everyday is a challenging one, trying to be a great mother, through love and discipline ... equally. LoL.

I tried to upload a video but for some reason it never works when I upload videos, even to facebook. hmmm.

Ashton blowing out the candle and loving it. He didn't eat much of his waffle. He still doesn't eat much of anything. I thought for sure this waffle would give him an appetite. Oh well.. he didn't eat his birthday cake last year either. We're throwing his official birthday party next weekend so we'll see if he eats his cake this year. He better!